Disabling startup programs

Startup programs automatically run when you log into Windows and unless you manually exit them when your computer is on will run in the background. Too many or unnecessary programs running in the background can slow your computers performance down. You can greatly improve your computer's performance by preventing unnecessary programs from running automatically when Windows starts.

1. Swipe in from the right edge of your screen OR Point (using a mouse) to the lower-right corner of the screen and then click Settings tap or click Control Panel.

2. In Control panel Click on the heading Administrative Tools then Click on System Configuration.

3. Click the General tab, click Selective startup, this options will allow you to pick and choose which programs you want (or not ) to run at start up automatically.
4. Decide for yourself if you want a program to run at startup. Also, be sure to click Show Hidden icons button for additional programs that you might not want to run at startup.

For more advanced users You can stop a program from running automatically when Windows starts by opening the AutoRuns for Windows program. You can manage unnecessary programs from running automatically when Windows starts by downloading and running Autoruns. The more programs that are running (in the background) the slower your computer will be since the take up the computers resources. Currently configured auto-start applications as well as the full list of Registry and file system locations available for auto-start configuration. AutoRuns for Windows can stop or start a program automatically.