How to clean up Windows registry

What is the Windows registry - Windows 8

The Registry is a key component of the Windows operating system, so much so that without it Windows would not even run. When a new piece of hardware or software is installed in Windows, it stores its configuration into the Registry.
Glary Registry Repair PRO Registry Repair is a top downloading tool to scan computer, clean registry junks and fix registry errors. It performs comprehensive and deep analysis for Windows Registry, and repair invalid entries or references that cause computer freezing, system crashes, instability, blue screen, and PC slowdowns. Registry Repair also cleans away junk registry that clutters your system and burdens PC performance.

Over time with normal use, your computer's Registry will become bloated and filled with obsolete or unnecessary entries. With so many additions, deletions and other modifications, your Windows Registry can become filled with errors such as empty destinations, orphaned references, or it can even become corrupted. The need for you to clean obsolete Registry settings or repair your Registry errors becomes essential to ensure optimum performance of your PC.

How to fix registry errors in Windows

Be sure to create a backup & restore point before repairing your Registry.

Tips: Preventative maintenance

  • Optimize and increase PC Performance (up to 150%).
  • Easily Open/Repair .DRF Files.
  • Protect the Privacy and Files while Online.
  • Boot up and Shut Down Faster.
  • Remove and Prevent most Crashes.
  • Eliminate Computer Slowdowns Malware Protection.
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